A Taste of Australia from Its Most Distinctive Cuisines


Australia is a country with many distinct foods and flavours. From the traditional to the modern, this series will explore them all.

This is a new series that will be running every Friday on Travel + Leisure, focusing on the most distinct cuisines from each country in Australia.

Australia is a big country with a lot of different cuisines. The cuisine has changed over time and will continue to change, as it always has. We’ll be focusing on the most distinctive cuisines from each country, so you can get an idea of what to expect when visiting Australia.

We’ll be running this series every Friday on Travel + Leisure!

The first feature will focus on Australian cuisine post-colonization.

When you think of Australian cuisine, what comes to mind? For many people, it’s a mix of traditional British fare and modern fusion food. But there are other dishes that have been adapted or invented by immigrants over the years–from Asia and the Pacific Islands–that have become staple parts of our culinary landscape.

In our first feature on Australian cuisine post-colonization, we’ll be exploring some examples of these foods and how they’ve changed since their introduction into Australia.

In the second feature we’ll discuss how multiculturalism has affected Australian cuisine.

In the second feature we’ll discuss how multiculturalism has affected Australian cuisine.

Australian cuisine is a fusion of cuisines from around the world, but it’s also influenced by Asian, European and Pacific Islander cuisines. The result? A diverse range of dishes that reflect this melting pot of cultures.

The following are examples of foods that have been influenced by multiculturalism:

In the third feature we’ll talk about contemporary Australian cuisine and where it’s headed in the future.

The third feature will talk about contemporary Australian cuisine and where it’s headed in the future.

Contemporary Australian cuisine is a blend of cuisines from around the world, but with an emphasis on local ingredients, which means that you can find some amazing dishes that are unique to this part of Australia. The fusion of cuisines has led to a new style of cooking called “fusion food” or “modern Australian cuisine.” The food often has an Asian influence, but it also draws inspiration from other parts of the world as well.

The casual setting where most people eat today makes it easier than ever before for people like yourself who want to try something new!

A taste of Australia from its most distinctive cuisines

Australian cuisine is a blend of traditional British cuisine and indigenous Australian Aboriginal food, with Mediterranean and Asian influences. It has a reputation for being healthy and fresh, with an emphasis on local ingredients. The diversity of Australia’s climate, topography and its distance from other countries make it difficult to define a typical Australian dish; however, barbecues are popular across the country.

Australian food has been influenced by the native Aboriginal people as well as British settlers in the late 18th century when they arrived on the continent


Australia is a land of vast natural beauty and cultural diversity. We hope that this series will provide you with an understanding of the complex history behind Australia’s cuisine, as well as its future direction.

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